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Our Firm

Startups are reaching multibillion-dollar valuations at a historic pace.  New technologies are continuously being invented and quickly becoming entrenched in our daily lives.  Innovative financial products are disrupting “traditional finance” and creating unique investment opportunities for the broader public. With the increase in both breadth and depth of investment opportunities, how do you identify quality investments? How do you isolate the unique investments that will generate significant alpha?  What research team makes those critical calls? Most importantly, which firms can you trust to provide insightful, unbiased analysis while actively valuing the relationship it has with you and your investments?

This Is What We Do at TSG

TSG utilizes a next level proprietary approach that seeks maximum alpha while simultaneously providing clients with “white glove” service that is unmatched in our industry.  Our firm meticulously analyzes, and carefully selects, its investments, and always seeks to provide maximum value to its clients.  TSG’s mission is to help our clients build wealth by investing in the industries and innovative technologies of the future.

Our Culture

Here at TSG, we operate based on our Core Four values of innovation, integrity, client commitment and unsurpassed standards of excellence.


TSG strives to be on the cutting edge of finance and technology. Not only do we focus our investments on forward-looking markets and companies, but we also provide our clients with the best and most innovative financial offerings in the industry. At TSG, we firmly believe that looking to the future provides for success in the present.

Client Commitment

Central to the success of TSG is our commitment to our clients, both individual and institutional. Our clients are the core of our business and our recognition of this drives us to serve them with unwavering dedication. When acting on behalf of our clients, their interests come first and we maintain strict confidentiality of our clients’ information. In all of our client interactions, we will act fairly, honestly and disclose the nature of our role. We treat all of our clients with professionalism, courtesy and respect, and our goal is keep every client for life.


TSG’s continued success depends upon the maintenance of its reputation for integrity, honesty and its ability to fulfill its promises. We abide by both the spirit and letter of our commitments, and we recognize that the trustworthiness of our firm is paramount to our success.

Standard of Excellence

TSG provides the highest level of service for its clients, with the ultimate goal of providing “white glove” service that is unmatched industry-wide. There is no place at TSG for work that is not of the absolute highest quality. At TSG, we recognize that complacency, cutting corners and mediocrity are our enemies. Adherence to the highest prudential standards is a fundamental element of what we do every day.

Investment Classes

At TSG, our clients have access to a multitude of investment classes. While these offerings range from venture capital to digital assets to cryptocurrencies, all our investment classes focus on innovation, technology and the industries of the future.

  • Late Stage VC (“pre-IPO”): focuses on investing in private companies that are on the verge of a significant liquidity event (typically an IPO)
  • Early-Stage VC: focuses on investing in private companies that have yet to progress to the series D round of funding in the VC life cycle
  • Digital Assets / NFTs: provides access to third-party digital assets / NFTs as well as proprietary TSG-structured products
  • Cryptocurrencies: provides access to third-party cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)
  • Other Alternative Investments: provides access to a range of dynamic alternative investments, including hedge funds, real property, collectibles and other innovative investment products

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